Words about Melodies

There goes my hero.

Dave Grohl was the Keynote speaker at this years SXSW. The speech was simple, it was a story of a man that fell in love with a guitar riff and followed it, of a man with a beatles song book and a guitar, who found a hero in his punk cousin. A man whose life was saved by music. His fucking story. He told a story about passion, about a love that absorbs you so much that you think that you’re not the same anymore. You’re not, for the first time, you’re you.

Music saves lives. Sometimes people forget that, but not Dave Grohl. Dave, my hero, is not afraid of talking about music passionately and I need more people like him. I need more people who speak about music with so much joy, who can’t avoid the biggest smile when talking about it. I need more people like Dave, my hero, to say that music is pleasure, not guilt. That we all have a voice screaming inside of us, trying to find a way out, trying to be heard.

Dave Grohl is a man who followed a guitar riff, who turned his life into music, who allowed his life to be changed and showed me that there are still people who allow others to change them, who don’t look at everything as if they are in a superior place, who talk with honesty, who aren’t always being ironic.

Dave Grohl is my fucking hero and his voice helps me to find my own. Listen to him.

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